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The Shardracian Commonwealth (LJ)
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The Shardracian Commonwealth (Gaia)

March 1st, 2006

10:20 pm
Yet another article from the SGSJ.

1000 Years of Work ... Up In Smoke - SGS Journal Ka'unse, 2kaCollapse )


February 28th, 2006

10:40 pm
Bet you've never read a Shardracian newspaper before, have you?

Inquisitor Shot Down - SGS Journal Annunju, 19ka.Collapse )


February 21st, 2006

12:05 am - MASK
And though I never would have believed it.. never would have thought it... I became... the Angel of Death.

But each day, as I wander far and wide; I look to the stars, and in their light I find sanctity. Their constant reminder that my goddess watches over me always.

And in her eyes I am righteous and just.

In her eyes I am whole.


November 29th, 2005

10:24 pm - Welcome to the Shardracian Commonwealth.
Welcome to the Shardracian Commonwealth. The Greatest Empire in History. Creatures of all races flock under the banner of the Shardracians, training as Ambassadors, Soldiers, Medics, Scientists and all manner of useful crafts, but above all: Survivors.

Brought into being by the Great Queen Herself, some billion years ago, Shardrac has grown beyond anybody's wildest dreams, now controlling and bringing peace and order to the farthest reaches of the universe.

Ruled over by 9 monarchs, the Shardracians are a proud group of people hailing from many different places and creeds, each with their unique insight and skill.

Training can be long and at times arduous, but to gain the name of Shardrac, and protection under Shardracian law, is the greatest achievement one can attain.

This is not a challenge for the faint of heart.

Can you achieve greatness in this world of high risk, great success and terrible failure?

(( Visit the Shardracian LJ Community. ))
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10:19 pm - シャードラキアン連邦へ、ようこそ。






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10:15 pm - Bienvenue dans la Communauté des Shardraciens
Bienvenue dans la Communauté des Shardraciens, le plus grand empire de toute l'Histoire. Des créatures de toutes races sont unies sous le drapeau des Shardraciens, formées à devenir ambassadeurs, soldats, médecins, scientifiques et tout autre poste utile, mais avant tout : à survivre.

Initié par la Sa Majesté la Reine il y a de cela quelques milliards d'années, Shardrac s'est developpé au-delà de tout ce que quiconque aurait pu imaginer, contrôlant et apportant désormais l'ordre et la paix jusqu'aux confins les plus lointains de l'univers.

Gouvernés par 9 monarques, les Shardraciens sont un noble peuple composé de personnes originaires de divers lieux et à la culture différente, chacun ayant ses propres idées et compétences.

La formation peut se faire longue et ardue par moment, mais obtenir la nationnalité Shardracienne ―et ainsi tomber sous la protection de leur loi― est le plus grand exploit qui ne puisse être jamais réaliser. Un tel défi n'est pas fait pour les craintifs.

Serriez-vous capable d'atteindre le sommet dans ce monde rempli de danger, ou bien y essuierrez-vous un cuisant échec ?

(( Visitez la Communauté Shardracienne. ))
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November 2nd, 2005

08:42 pm - Motera
MOTERA (モテラ):
Motera Grade One - All Motera begin as these cute furry bundles of teeth. they have quite long brown fur and tend to be very vicious and often refuse to speak in anything but their own language, Moteric, which is a sort of culmination of squips, growls and teeth-gnashing. At the age of 20, they go into a bizarre hibernation for a year, and when they emerge, they take on a humanoid form.

Usually short with dark hair and tanned-looking dark skin, Motera are very curious and eager to learn about their surroundings. They learn very quickly, but are known to have short attention spans. They can be very vicious and at times decidedly tactless, often speaking their mind regardless of the situation.


03:22 pm - Heinzalarin
HEINZALARIN (ハインザラーリン):
A genetically created servant race, Heinzalarins have now almost completely died out. The race were originally intended to be a loyal and diligent workgroup, but somehow it didn't quite work out and created the phenomena known as Bonding.

Bonding is when a Heinzalarin mentally attaches him or herself to a person they are close to - for instance, a close friend in Academy or a long-term Commanding Officer. This Bond makes them fiercely loyal and inserperable from their Bond Partner. While in some cases, this may be a good thing, in others, most selected Bond Partners quickly grew irritated with the Heinzalarin, and many of the creatures commited suicide.

Now, the creation or simulation of Heinzalarin DNA is outlawed due to the cruelty that arose in light of the Bond problem. The behaviour of such people was entirely inhumane, and as a result many lessons about the dangers of creating such races were learnt.
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03:19 pm - Kyuuketsuki, Hatsuentou, Gengakutekina.
Often thought to be somehow genetically linked to the Hatsuentou race, Kyuuketsuki have dark blue skin, very dark hair and red eyes. On the Kyuuketsuki homeworlds (of which there are a few), they live in dark, damp caves, using their incredible hearing and touch senses to navigate their way through the pitch black darkness. Their eyesight is not so good, and they have an aversion to bright light, due to their cave-dwelling nature. many Kyuuketsuki carry sunglasses or goggles as an essential item when on Shardracian ships which are known for their garish white cubelights.

Their primary diet consists of red meat, and they have long white fangs which which to impair and kill their victim. Generally unfussy eaters, Kyuujetsuki are voted top at the list of "People you would not want to bve stranded on a desert island with".

Elegant and beautiful, Hatsuentou hold themselves with a grace most other races could only dream of. Their homeworld is comprised of many kingdoms, ruled by one family. As well as this, many Hatsuentou leave the planet once they come of age and create settlements on nearby planets, to rule over them in peace. The homeworld's indigenous races become servants and slaves for their new rulers, and eventually the Lords and Ladies come to bestow peace upon the land.

Hatsuentou are unkeen to enter into confrontation, and instead prefer to ignore or dispatch any aggressors they may encounter. Having said that, they are viciously proud, and insulting one is as good as signing one's own death. Often self-absorbed egoists, Hatsuentou are quite hard to befriend, but they often hold a great deal of power within a social group.

Hatsuentou are purple and green, and often strive to be as pale as possible as is the fashion. They usually have striking purple eyes and long black hair. Traditionally, this hair is to never be cut and just left to grow and grow forever, but in the military this is inappropriate and most Hatsuentou cut their locks, however most of them like to keep it fairly long out of respect.

Often known as the Eccentric Race, Gengakutekina were once Organic, but when their planet was destroyed many hundreds of years ago, they were advanced by Shardracian technology, and now most Gengakutekina are a product of modern science.

With slightly mottled pale skin and usually dark eyes, they are traditionally known for their exceptionally advanced brains and for the resulting insanity. Most of these people are very - for want of a better word - strange; with unusual and erratic behaviour. Most Gengakutekina dye their hair unusual colours, and they are the race with the highest percentage of sex changes in the entire Shardracian Commonwealth.

Characterized by a narrow, often ostentatious concern for book learning and formal rules; the Gengakutekina attention to detail is incredible, although most of their dealings tend to be somewhat trivial. Each unique, but united in their uniqueness, Gengakutekina are one of the races that nobody ever quite learned to understand.
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October 16th, 2005

12:41 am
It's late, and I'm tired. So is Syung Fei in...

Syung Fei's DilemmaCollapse )
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